After two days of a three day course of Rich Dad's on how to build wealth through real estate investing this is what I have learned:

There are many possibilities and ways to invest in real estate.

What I did not learn:

How To build wealth by investing in real estate.

This three day course has been a lot of possibility and generality on real estate investing.  We also saw some great tools to use for investment real estate.  The whole purpose of the course is to get you excited, let you know you should not do this on your own and that you need a mentor. 

I beleive I have wasted three days and $200.  I did not obtain any knowledge that I can go out and readily use.  I wanted contracts and how to's. 

There is no doubt that the Rich Dad mentors are very good, and that Bonita is a wealth of knowledge and can help you become financially successful in real estate investing.  But this access and education comes at a price of Tens of Thousands of dollars.  Yes, the minimum price for one advanced training course is $11,000, and there are 12 advanced training courses.

If you have the money, and it is not going to be a financial stress to your self or your family, then this may be a road you want to travel.  But if not seek real estate knowledge elsewhere. 

One of my clients went through a similar program two years ago.  They paid $22,000 for education and a mentor.  They saw that I sold foreclosures and they contacted me.  We found some deals together and their mentor came in for three days to look at these deals and analyze them.  I am not just saying the following just to say it.  But I actually new more about investing in real estate at the single family home level then the mentor did.  And my clients knew this after two days.  We ended up buying a few properties and their mentor left.  They immediately asked for a refund because the value was just not there.  They did receive half of their money back.

I am offering anyone who wants to invest in real estate a free consultation.  Learn about real estate investing, how to finance it and what a good deal is.  I will not charge $22,000, or even $11,000.  Not even $1,000.  I will only charge you for an hour of your time.  Not three days and $200, but $0.00 and 1 hour.  See if real estate investing is for you.  It is a simple business, but it is not easy. 

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