The HEAT is coming, is your a/c system up to the task?


Every summer I hear of past clients, friends, family, neighbors and a bunch of people on facebook that tell me how their A/C system went out and they had no coolings system for a few hours or a few days.  That happened to me and my family last summer, and I gotta tell you, it was not fun.  It went out when we had over 103 degrees everyday.  But that is not the bad part.  My wife works from home, upstairs, and was dying from the heat.  I was in the air conditioned comfort of my office, hehe..

We actually had to have our entire system replaced, it was time.  Now our experience was a little extreme.  Most times you will not need to have your A/C system replaced, it is likely a small issue that would be a lot less expensive to fix.  However, the best thing to do, is have your system checked now by a reliable licensed A/C technician.  They can ensure your system is clean, has the right amount of freon, and possibly detect any issues that may need repair, so you can avoid not having a cooling system during the dog days of summer!



I have used the same A/C technician for the past four years, and he has always done a great job.  You are welcome to use him if you would like. 

Cool Heat is the company, and Charles Henderson is the A/C technician.  You can reach him at 210-722-9484.  A system check should run around $50, and could be well worth it to avoid the system going out.  Tell him Johnny sent you.