I am currently attending Rich Dad Real Estate Investment Training.  The information has been good thus far.  I have received some good information.  The ultimate goal of this training is to give potential investors enough information to make at least an $11,000 decisions to hire a mentor from the Rich Dad mentors.  For someone who is very serious, this would be a good plan.  What I have found is that I have been doing about half of what it is they are teaching.  More importantly, I have helped investor clients of mine to find and do deals that they  are talking about. 

This makes me think there is definitely a market out there for investors who have money and good credit, but do not know what to do with the money.  So they come to an investor seminar, pay thousands of dollars, and without making one deal.  I am now putting this out there to anyone who wants to invest in real estate.  I will guide you and help you.  I only get paid when you buy.  But I want you to buy many homes, so I want you to have much success.  If you do a bad deal with me, you won't be back.  If you make money and reach your goals, you will likely use my services to buy many.

Contact me, Johnny Morrow, at 210-897-2645 for further information.