Did you know that according to Realtor.com, only about .8% of Realtors are actually using video marketing for their business? Plus, when considering that almost 90% of people are now using the internet for real estate based searches, wouldn’t it only make sense that your listing agent should include this as a part of their real estate marketing strategy? However, embracing change is not always easy to do, and many real estate professionals are still relying on traditional marketing methods even though the future of real estate is online. Therefore, by listing with us you can rest assured that we will make video marketing a priority to ensure you gain top exposure and receive the fastest and best offers possible on your home.

Step 1: Creating Video Content

The first step in preparing video content for your listing will be to create a virtual tour of your entire property. We will be sure to highlight all the perks and benefits of your home and the surrounding neighborhood as well. Additionally, we can include information about your school district(s), local businesses, as well as other recreational activities. Feel free to share any other ideas you may like to include as a part of the marketing strategy, and we will be happy to accommodate where we can.

Step 2: Optimizing Your Content

As experts of video syndication and online marketing tactics, we have access to various tools and strategies that will ensure you are receiving maximum exposure for your listing. Some of these techniques include:

  • Uploading to Youtube and other video marketing directories
  • Including videos within written article content and submitting to various platforms
  • Creating a property specific landing page and/or mobile website with your virtual home tour
  • Feeding listing data to social media pages, the MLS and other property marketing sites

We have found that videos tend to really engage prospects more and really help them to get a better feel for the home and neighborhood before even scheduling a showing. Plus, you are more likely to attract qualified buyers following this plan as well.

Step 3: Call to Action

Finally, we also ensure that there is always a unique call to action within every one of our videos, in order to capture important contact information for future follow up. This is an area that many agents can neglect, which can drastically impact your chances for success. Therefore, we make it a point to always direct each prospect to some form of lead capture, so that we are able to build a relationship and ensure that we never miss a possible opportunity. In other words, people are much more likely to share their information than take the time to call. Can you now see the power behind using video marketing for your property listing? Since creating video is so simple and can greatly enhance your chances for selling, we encourage you to contact us when ready to list your home in order to learn more about our comprehensive online marketing strategies.